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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

LATIFA SABER: a person I could write a book about just to explain how incredible she is on a human and creative level. An artist that was able to convert my ideas and hers into an amazing set of visuals.


First of all I want to start with the fact that this was more than a collaboration for me. Latifa Saber made me comfortable in so many ways that I could not put into words. She was able to see what I wanted to create and where I wanted to go with this collaboration. This was all thanks to her ability to create a safe space for us where there were no limits or expectations - mostly forced upon us by society's standards. On top of that, the importance of forming a relationship and growth are key in her life & work. That was a crucial factor for me to be able to know where I wanted to go with Fayahen. She created this authentic realm where we could come together, chat and connect. A space where I could be my true self and explore my bicultural background. I couldn't have wished for a better collaboration.


Putting Henna on my hands, gives me the feeling of reconnect with my roots.

Going back to the Motherland in the summer means participating in the rituals of henna. We gave in to painting our hands to celebrate the summer and to share the happiness and love that comes with lovers getting married.

Photographer: Latifa Saber

Creative director: Latifa Saber, Hafsa Elazzaoui & Ismahen Gazdallah


The second theme we wanted to visualise was community as we love sharing food, moments, ideas and so much more with our beloved ones. But most of all having a community means bringing people together to uplift and support each other in our day-to-day lives. As human beings, we all need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us all and makes these incredibly important relationships exist. We are extremely proud of the visuals we have shot as they really bring the concept of community to life.

Photographer: Latifa Saber

Model: Mariem Abihi, Mohamed Bari & Fadoua

Creative director: Latifa Saber, Hafsa Elazzaoui & Ismahen Gazdallah

Clothes: Rough Riders

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