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Picture from the rouftop in the Souk of Tunis


Ever wondered how I got immersed into the world of jewellery? Well, let me take you on a trip down memory lane. I was born and raised in Belgium but from time to time we would travel back to the Motherland. There, I loved to wander through the small  and colourful passages of the Souks. I was almost exclusively drawn to the jewellery shops.


On a visit in 2009, a small shop hidden in the busy streets of Tunis drew my attention. When I looked through the old boxes put in front of the shop, the content of the boxes felt native. I remembered my own grandmother wearing similar silver pieces with pride. Intrigued, I started asking questions about the jewels and the hidden meaning they carried. Ever since that day in that small shop, I’ve made it a mission to emerge myself deeper into this part of my culture. 


As an Architect Engineer I have always been drawn to shapes and forms almost everywhere. With a passion for design and the desire to reconnect with my Tunisian culture, I started imagining how my very first collection could look like. I began to sketch and to think about ways to create jewellery. 


Thanks to the knowledge and experience I gained from my first attempts, I have grown more and more confident in my vision. I wanted to create a fusion between my love for minimalism and the extravagant shapes and forms found in most North African Jewellery.

This first official collection stands for curiosity, playfulness, sustainability, passion and enrichment in every way possible.


My Jewelry collection is made in collaboration with a Goldsmith La Medina, in Tunisia. I carefully collect the existing pieces and provide Hechem with my sketches and the ideas I have in mind. Together we talk everything through and try to make the pieces come to life. With Hechem’s years of experience and endless knowledge and my love for designing and sustainability we strive to create highly qualitative jewellery

A moment in the atelier where the silver pieces are made
A box full of old vintage silver pieces

The kind of boxes that I encounter while being in the atelier.

Copywriter text: Mariem Abihi

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